Documents for Switzerland

It is prudent to obtain information for the shipment of goods from the importer. Goods shipments intended for Switzerland must be accompanied by the following documents.

Commercial invoice

An invoice in triplicate is required for the clearing of goods. All of the normal information is stated in French, German or Italian on the invoice:

  • Name and address of the importer and exporter;
  • The UID number of the recipient (Unternehmens-Identifikations-Nummer);
  • Date and place of shipment and destination;
  • Brands, numbers, quantity and type of the separate items;
  • Description of goods (including the goods or HS code);
  • Gross and net weight;
  • Freight costs;
  • Code of the currency in which the invoice is drawn up;
  • Price per unit and total price;
  • Payment and delivery conditions and possible credit limitations and discounts.
  • It is not obligatory to have the commercial invoice signed, but it is desirable. Legalisation is not required.

Certificate Eur1 and invoice declaration

Goods originating in the EU can be imported into Switzerland with a preferential tariff. The Chamber of Commerce can provide a Eur1 certificate for shipments with a value in excess of 6000 Euros. The customs service must then validate the certificate.

Attention: if there is no difference in import levies between a product from within the European Union or outside the EU, you do not need to obtain a EUR1 document.

For shipments with a value less than 6000 euros you can suffice with an invoice declaration. 

Certificates of origin

Certificates of origin are not compulsory, but they can be requested. You request a certificate of origin at the Chamber of Commerce.

Packing lists

Packing lists must provide an accurate overview of the separate packages with brands, numbers, gross and net weight and contents.

Enig Document

The Enig Document (ED) is a standard form with several functions, including submitting export declarations to the Dutch tax service. 

You can also ask your shipper or carrier to help you with this or to handle the administration.

The Enig Document marked T2 is compulsory for the transportation of communal goods through Switzerland to another EU country. T1 is used for goods that do not originate in the EU.

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