26 September 2016

Australian Customs Announcement - Border Force requires assurance from importers that imported goods do not contain asbestos

Australian Border Force (ABF) have requested that importers need to provide and demonstrate that their goods imported into Australia do not contain asbestos.

ABF have requested importer’s demonstrate this by:

  • Contractual obligation with their suppliers that specify nil asbestos content.
  • Sampling and testing asbestos content prior to shipping the goods to Australia.
  • Regular risk assessment and quality assurance processes

Licensed Customs brokers (LCB) are now required to answer the community protection question “do these goods contain asbestos?” when clearing cargo. Importers will now need to provide evidence that they have completed their due diligence to verify their imported goods don’t contain asbestos.

Mainfreight LCB’s will be contacting you over the coming days or when you next import to discuss and recommend contacting your suppliers for the above evidence to be supplied on invoices, or provide an annual declaration that you have completed due diligence like the one attached.

ABF would prefer sampling and testing from an accredited international accreditation authority i.e. that are National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) as a true assurance to avoid shipments being held up, any other method could still result in the shipment being held upon arrival and have testing requested which will be at importers expense.
Should you need further clarification please contact your local customs broker.

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