Supply Chain Management

Mainfreight’s Global Supply Chain Management delivers tightly-integrated solutions that are backed by our information technology, expertise, knowledge, experience and e-commerce solutions.

Today, Mainfreight’s focus is on bringing these complimentary services together to enable our customers to achieve seamless integration of their supply chains, eliminating unnecessary ‘links’ in the chain to create efficiencies in the movement of product to the end consumer.

Supply Chain Integration

Great supply chain management allows you to:

  • Save management time
  • Liberate assets
  • Run faster and more flexible operations
  • Remove waste
  • Measure quality
  • Develop and implement continuous improvement strategies
  • Achieve excellence in customer service

Supply Chain Management Specialist Team

Mainfreight’s supply chain optimisation team can work with you to determine the best possible supply chain solution for your organisation. To achieve this our team need to understand:

  • The current state of your Supply Chain
  • The requirements of your Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain methodology is a key differentiator. We look across your Supply Chain from suppliers through to customers so we can gain an understanding of your organisation. With your industry experience and our Supply Chain experience, together we can design an efficient Supply Chain.

Discuss your supply chain management with one of our specialists, contact Mainfreight's supply chain management specialist team now for an assessment of your business

The Mainfreight Supply Chain Difference

Our Supply Chain Assessment will provide your company with an analysis of your end-to end Supply Chain and will highlight areas of opportunity.
Our totally integrated approach allows you to focus on your core activities. We work to continually reduce your total Supply Chain Management costs and improve your business performance and competitiveness. We do this through reducing inventory levels, shortening the Supply Chain, reducing product sourcing costs and increasing your ability to respond and service your customers.

Our Tailored Supply Chain Review allows Mainfreight to assess the application of our:

  • Group Brands
  • Our Key Business Processes
  • Our Technology and e-Commerce
  • Our Performance Measurement
  • Procurement opportunities

Find out more about the Mainfreight Difference in Supply Chain Management, contact our supply chain management team.


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