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Mainfreight provides global supply chain support and logistics service. Our business operates through 214 branch locations in New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Europe, Russia, China and Southeast Asia, Singapore, Chile, Canada, Mexico & the United States.

Mainfreight became global with the acquisition of businesses in both Asia and the United States.  Mainfreight entered the American market with the purchase of Target Logistics Services in 2007 allowing the company and Mainfreight USA to offer extensive services arcoss the supply chain.

Mainfreight is built on a 100-year vision.  All decisions are made on the basis that we will be here for another 100 years.  This view shapes our approach to recruitment and training of team members, customer and supplier relationships, growth strategies and legal and tax structures.

As a customer of a Mainfreight Group company, you can rely on:

  • An "anything is possible" attitude.
  • A commitment to delivering your freight consignments on time and damage-free - and to promptly and honestly resolve issues when they arise.
  • Improvement in service through reinvestment in people, facilities, equipment and technologies.

We promote our people from within, and encourage innovative, non-hierarchical and decisive outlooks.  Our teams regard each other as family and often share mealtimes together.  At the same time, we are focused on performance - every branch reports weekly results that are available for all team members to see.  Individual responsibility and accountability for quality are reinforced.  Key performance indicators important to our customers, like error rates, are linked to team members' bonuses.  All Mainfreight branches have quality boards and are internally audited every six months.