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Mainfreight Golf Day | May 2014

Posted on 13 May 2014
Mainfreight Golf Day | May 2014

To go ahead with it or not was the magic question. Lucky they breed ‘em tough in the Waikato and we soldiered on with the annual Mainfreight Golf Day despite the prediction of bad weather. The day started out pretty wet with the crowd huddling under shelter looking over the Ngaruawhahia Golf Course waiting to tee off. Fortunately the weather gods were on our side as the rain cleared and sun came out. 

Tee off Time…Finally

Mainfreight customers and team members set out in teams of four. Each team had their own goals for the day some to come back as winners & other just wanting to hit the ball. With drinks carts cruising around to keep the golfers hydrated and BBQ’s set up, no one went hungry. The Hole in One competition ran throughout the day raising money for charity.

Fundraising for a good cause

After the last stroke was played everyone ventured up to the clubroom to enjoy a well-earned beverage and a nice warm meal. Sports memorabilia ranging from a signed Breakers singlet to a framed 2014 Chiefs jersey signed by the champions themselves, were auctioned off. All the money raised throughout the day went to Cure Kids, totalling over $8,000. Mainfreight is a big supporter of Cure Kids, an organisation set up to find cures for life-threating illness that affect many of our children.

2014 signed Chiefs Jersey up for AuctionEveryone’s a winner

All customers were entered in to a draw with the main prize being a return trip for four to Australia donated by Air New Zealand. This was won by Rick Scandlyn from Gallagher’s in Hamilton. No one walked away empty handed. With prizes donated to us from our very generous customers everyone got to take home a little something.

Thank you to the team who helped out on the day and especially to Julie-Anne and the team in Hamilton for organising yet another successful day.

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