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Tee off for a good cause

Posted on 11 May 2018
Tee off for a good cause

Our annual Golf Day was held at Ngaruawhahia Golf Course with a group of Mainfreight team members and customers from different regions. It was a great day out for everyone to have fun under clear blue sky and a great opportunity to fundraise money for good cause. 

Tee off and off we go!

Team and customers set out in groups of four. Some had great swings to show off and others picked up some tricks during the day. There were two BBQ trailers set up to feed hungry golfers and helpers and drink carts going around the course to keep everyone hydrated. 

Throughout the day, when each group arrived at the 14th hole, there was a fundraising event for Cure Kids. Each team made a donation and they got a free style swing. Afterwards, everyone gathered at the clubroom for an auction. There were rugby and league jerseys signed by the All Blacks and Warriors, a cricket bat signed by Black Caps. Bids were flying across the clubroom as many people wanted to take part for the cause. The biggest bid was $1500 for All Blacks jersey.

A delicious dinner was served and we wanted to show our thank you to customers who came with a prize giving. With prizes generously donated by our customers, nobody went home empty handed. 

Mainfreight have long been supporters of causes that look beyond the moment to focus on building a better future – supporting Books in Homes in their mission to improve our national literacy levels, Life Education Trust in delivering health education and Cure Kids in their research into the treatment of childhood diseases. 

A huge thank you to Julie-Anne, from our Hamilton Branch for organising the event and to everyone who helped out on the day. 


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