Leadership Aspirations?

What does Mainfreight look for in the next generation of leaders?

Whether you join us from university, school or have changed pathways, our philosophy is the same:

  • To hire people with the right characteristics and attitude
  • Help them develop the skills they need to lead a team, a branch or a country one day

If you embrace the Mainfreight culture, have emotional intelligence (EQ) and show ambition you have what it takes to become a leader in our business.

What does leadership look like at Mainfreight?

Leadership at Mainfreight is a way of doing things. It's about your mindset and your behaviour rather than a role. Best of all it's accessible to everybody who's willing to step-up. You can show your leadership capabilities from day one. While you're rolling up your sleeves and learning everything there is to know about our business, you'll also have the freedom to make decisions, contribute ideas, build relationships and make a difference. Leadership at Mainfreight is based around our core values:

  • Family – respect and communication
  • Culture – integrity and empowering your team
  • Philosophy – growing the business and maintaining high quality standards

To be a successful leader, you will live, breathe and instill this culture throughout the business.

How does Mainfreight help me grow my leadership abilities?

If leadership is something that you are interested in, we are here to help you grow and develop your leadership capabilities. We believe the specifics of any role can be learned; the game-changer here is your leadership competencies. Your professional development will be based around your unique mix of skills and talents. We’re big on identifying and growing your personal strengths – and helping you work on any areas of improvement.

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