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EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and means the following: “Electronic exchange of information between parties in the form of structured messages.” This form of communication offers advantages for each party. Data transmission is more reliable and independent. The amount of work within your company will be reduced.

Depending on the amount of shipments and the frequency, we offer several EDI solutions which have great advantages for you, as a customer. in each situation however, conditions are different. If you would like to find out more about EDI solutions for your company, feel free to contact us.

EDI variants

  • Web EDI
  • EDI via E-mail
  • Integrated EDI


Web-EDI uses the internet. E-Shipment is a good example of Web-EDI and is a program whereby shipments are passed on to us through the Internet. These shipments are stored on a central computer and sent afterwards by means of EDI connection to the Mainfreight IT system and automatically processed. With Web-EDI, no investment is necessary, nor any extra IT knowledge.

EDI via e-mail

With EDI via E-mail, shipment data are emailed to us in a file with a standard layout. Mainfreight's collaborators then import the file to our IT system. Setting up EDI via E-mail demands a relatively small investment and some IT knowledge.

Integrated EDI

With integrated EDI, EDI messages are exchanged directly between our system and the Mainfreight IT system. Integrated EDI works with minimum human intervention, resulting in minimal risk of error. According to a standard determined in advance (EDIFACT), messages are created and are sent directly. If you have a large number of shipments, the costs for integrated EDI are repaid relatively quickly. Your company should, however, have some EDI knowledge.

Consequently, you can see that possibilities for rapid, efficient mutual communication exist.

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