15 November 2021

Logistiek Dispatcher (2 ploegen)

Warehousing | Oostende, België

Als dispatcher warehouse ben je verantwoordelijk voor het plannen en coördineren van aanlevering en vertrek van goederen in en uit het warehouse.

Het takenpakket:

  • Je bent het eerste aanspreekpunt voor chauffeurs en bezoekers

  • Je optimaliseert de kaaiplanning door het best mogelijk toewijzen van de laad- en losvrachten aan de verschillende dokken voor de gegeven time slot

  • Je geeft afwijkingen t.o.v. import- en exportplanning door aan collega’s in het warehouse en de administratie

  • Je geeft opdrachten door aan onze tucky-chauffeurs

  • Je maakt de laad- en losdocumenten en officiële vervoersdocumenten op

  • Je werkt in 2-ploegenstelsel (week om week 5u-13u en 13u-21u).

Jouw profiel:

  • Oplossingen zoeken in stresssituaties zie je als een uitdaging

  • Je positivisme en enthousiasme werken aanstekelijk

  • Initiatief en verantwoordelijkheid nemen is voor jou vanzelfsprekend 

  • Je communiceert graag en goed met collega’s en klanten

  • Je denkt mee met het team en doet verbetervoorstellen

  • Door je proactieve houding voorkom je problemen en geef je optimale service

  •  Je hebt goede kennis van NL, EN, FR. Bijkomende talenkennis is een plus

  •  Een enthousiaste en klantgerichte attitude vinden we belangrijker dan opleiding of diploma.

Ons aanbod:

  • De Mainfreight cultuur: passie en teamwork zitten in ons DNA

  • Aantrekkelijk salaris met mooie extralegale voordelen (ADV, maaltijdcheques, groeps- en hospitalisatieverzekering, etc.)

  • Een professionele werkomgeving met gedreven collega’s

  • Een opleidingstraject op jouw maat

  • Kansen om jezelf te ontwikkelen én, als dat je ambitie is, intern door te groeien

  • De ruimte om mee te denken en initiatief te nemen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we do?
As a part of Mainfreight, you can expect to be helping some of the world’s largest brands become more competitive and efficient. Being a strategic supply chain partner means Mainfreight helps customers get their products from the manufacturer to the end-user in the smartest, most cost-effective way.

Our business can be broken down into three core areas:
Who we are?
It all started in 1978 with a couple of free-thinking entrepreneurs who didn’t care much for rules. As a start-up they challenged the establishment and always took care of their own. Years later, that rebellion and people-first philosophy is still deeply ingrained in our DNA. In 2011 Mainfreight acquired the business of Wim Bosman Group providing further opportunities to expand Mainfreight's international global network with branches throughout Europe.

We have a 100-year vision, that means every person and every decision we make today will leave an imprint on this company now and for 100 years to come. This long-term vision guides us as a business and determines both our decisions and actions every day.

As we extend our operations across the major trading nations of the world, we continue to stand out for the right reasons. It is our uncompromising quality, agility and unique culture which sets us apart.
What is the working culture like?
We are a very flat structured organisation. We have open plan offices and management sit in amongst the team. We do not use the “s” word (staff) and refer to everyone as Team – everyone has a part to play in moving Mainfreight forward and meeting our targets and goals.

We believe in working hard but we also have fun and a laugh while we do it. Our team is empowered to make decisions and have a say in how we do things.
How will my career progress?
Our philosophy is to recruit and ‘grow’ our own people, rather than hire people from other businesses. That is why we invest in and manage the long-term growth and development of our people, right from the start.

Once you have learnt the fundamentals of Mainfreight on the operations floor, you will move into other areas of the business where you will get the right mix of autonomy and support. We believe that smart people can learn the specifics of any role so our focus is on helping you develop personal and professional skills that will allow you take on any role in the business. 

We are an ever-changing business and we are constantly reviewing new ways to help our team develop the world-class skills that will lead our business into the future.
What Training and Development do you offer?
We understand that our biggest asset is our people and that our growth as a business is only limited by our ability to grow our own people. Our training and development strategy reflects this with structured induction, training and development. The Mainfreight difference is that we focus on helping you develop the professional and personal strategies, tools and life skills to step into any role in the business, anywhere in the world.

Our ongoing team development programs around the world currently includes:
  • A full induction program
  • Learning the business from the operations floor-up
  • Structured leadership programmes
  • Personal development courses

Annick Brokken | Training & Recruitment officer
T: +32 59 400 539
E: careers@be.mainfreight.com

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