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Future Leaders Programme Application Process and Tips

We want to make sure you get the Mainfreight feeling from day one so we keep the application process as simple and personal as possible. We’re not into long-winded rounds of interviews or assessment centres. It’s about us both finding out whether we have a future together. Keep on reading for our tips to set you up for success!

Frequently asked questions about our programme

The Application Process

Ready to apply? Great! See below what you can expect during the application process.


  • Be prepared to talk about yourself:​ Sounds obvious, but the more we know about you the better. Tell us about what fires you up, what you want out of life and what you’ve achieved so far.
  • Do your homework: Find out about Mainfreight, talk to people, Google us. A long-term career here is much more likely if you feel like you’d fit into our culture and way of doing things. It’s not for everyone!
  • Ask questions: Find out whether Mainfreight can offer you what you’re looking for. Ask about the future direction of the business, induction, development or travel opportunities.
  • Think about how you handle challenges: Be prepared to tell us about any tough situations you’ve come up against and how you’ve handled them in a way that’s relevant to a role here at Mainfreight.
  • Practice!: Get your friends or family to do a mock interview and critique your responses. You’re up against others for the role so give it yourself the best chance, be well-prepared, confident and well-groomed.
  • Dress for success!: We value and protect our own image and we look for that in the people we hire. Dress like you already have the job and arrive on time.

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