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Highly specialised end to end solutions for hazardous goods

While many carriers are exiting the hazardous goods market, we are intensifying our commitment to serving this complex business segment. Over many years we have uniquely combined our research, investment, experience and processes to create a hazardous goods transport solution that proactively addresses changing compliance laws.

Utilising specialised segregation devices, we are able to efficiently and legally transport multiple classes of conflicting dangerous goods within the same vehicle. This will meet your delivery time promise and secure sales revenue from your customers.

Our extensive fleet of custom built vehicles features:

  • Double drop deck A-trailers are equipped with mezzanine decks giving us flexibility to load long lengths and segregate freight.
  • B-trailers are hard sided, equipped with sliding three-quarter mezzanine deck posts allowing maximum loading versatility.
  • Restraint mechanisms increase loading efficiency and ensure early departure times.
  • Locking devices minimise movement during transit.
  • Six under-slung segregation bins increasing delivery efficiency for conflicting dangerous goods.
  • Trailers are bunded and vented to collect any hazardous spills.
  • Spill kits in vehicles, containing PPE to handle all dangerous goods classes

Hazardous Goods Compliance

Hazardous substances compliance 

Our team follow strict safety practices providing you with the peace of mind that your freight will be delivered in the safest and most complaint way. All team members receive extensive training and certification through our in-house training centre and expert industry training providers.

Hazardous goods warehousing

Complementing our dangerous goods transport service we also offer a comprehensive hazardous substances warehousing solution. All hazardous substances are stored in separate bunkers according to their dangerous goods class and comply with the highest national health and safety requirements.

Find out more about our dangerous goods warehousing capabilities and our specialist equipment at our Noble Park facility.

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Hazardous Goods Specialists

Hazardous Goods Compliance

Hazardous Goods Segregation