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Hazardous Substances Handling and Transport

Dangerous goods transport is becoming more and more regulated and with the changes in penalties for non-compliance, Chemcouriers is a premium service specialising in the safe transport of packaged chemicals and dangerous goods and we take the worry out of being compliant.

Chemcouriers strictly adhere to the procedures and regulations within the Australian dangerous goods code.

Specialised Dangerous Goods Transport Equipment

Chemcouriers uses specialised dangerous goods equipment such as:

  • Mezzanine decks on linehaul units to avoid crushing and damage when transporting dangerous goods
  • Cages and bins to protect smaller dangerous goods items
  • IBC floor locks, to minimise the movement of freight in transit
  • Emergency response equipment, both in our depots and on our vehicles

Hazardous substances compliance and training

Chemcouriers have a national compliance and training manager based within the branch allowing for greater dangerous goods knowledge, comprehension of dangerous goods codes, and access to extensive dangerous goods training.

All team members have on going dedicated dangerous goods training at our in-house training centres focusing on the safest and most compliant method to handle, store and transport all types of dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

Our Chemcouriers drivers receive constant training in all facets of dangerous goods and hazardous substances transport.

As back up, Chemcouriers have an emergency response team available 24/7.

Hazardous Goods Warehousing

Complementing out dangerous goods transport service we also offer a comprehensive hazardous substances warehousing solution. All hazardous substances are stored in separate bunkers according to their dangerous goods class and comply with the highest national health and safety requirements.

Find out more about our dangerous goods warehousing capabilities and out specialist equipment at our Noble Park facility.