Air Freight Containers

Air Freight Containers

An airline unit or unit load device (ULD) is a pallet or a container which is used to hold loose freight to be shipped via airfreight. 

Airline units are used to protect your goods in transit and to speed transitions through customs and airports.

ULD come in two different forms:

  • Pallets – These are large flat base of aluminium with rims designed to lock onto cargo net lugs
  • Containers – Also known as cans or pods, are closed units that can either be fully made out of aluminium or made out of a combination of aluminium, polycarbonate sheets and cargo nets. These are designed so that they fit perfectly in the circular cargo hold of the plane.

The following guide shows you the different types of airline units. Our loaders will choose the most appropriate unit for your freight so that you don’t have to. 

Airline units availability is dependent on the airline and the destination.

  Unit Type Internal Volume Internal Dimensions (L x W x H) Dorr Clearance Max Gross Weight Tare Weight
AKH / LD3-45 3.6m³ 146 x 149 x 113cm   1135kgs 88kgs
AKE / LD-3 4.3m³ 140 x 147 x 152cm 148 x 152cm 1587kgs 85kgs
DQF / LD-8 7.2m³ 140 x 433 x 152cm 235 x 152cm 2499kgs 132kgs
ALF / LD-6 9m³ 140 x 310 x 152cm 293 x 147cm 3175kgs 159kgs
AAF / LD-26 13m³ 208 x 302 x 152cm 293 x 147cm 4626kgs 159kgs
AAU / LD-29 14.5m³ 208 x 302 x 152cm 293 x 147cm 4626kgs 159kgs
PAG Pallet 11.1m³ 207 x 301 x 158cm   4626kgs 120kgs
PMC Pallet 12.1m³ 228 x 301 x 158cm   5035kgs 120kgs



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