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Best Growth Strategy for 2012

Posted on 29 November 2012
Best Growth Strategy for 2012

Mainfreight are very proud to once again be honored at the 2012 Deloitte & Management Magazine Top 200 Awards. Winning the ilume Best Growth Strategy Award for the second time.

We last won this category back in 2007, and since then we've moved from what we then called our "Triangle of Influence" in countries bordering the Pacific (New Zealand, Australia, China and the United States) and now are truely taking on the world.  This award recognises our global growth plans, especially noting that our move into Europe through the acquisition of the Wim Bosman Group has given us the coverage and exposure needed to effectively target and serve large multi-national customers.

But it takes more than just setting your sights on a big target to take this award.  With tough competition like Auckland International Airport and Datacom, the decisive element was our ability to carry out these substantial goals.

In accepting the award Managing Director Don Braid acknowledged the importance of our Management Team and Board of Directors who believe in, and are dedicated to this strategy.  Don also emphasised that delivering on the strategy was the challenge to us now, and that the passion and hard work of our 5600 team members worldwide will be critical in seeing this strategy realised.

Learn more about the awards from Management Magazine and on Deloitte's Website.

After last year's Company of the Year and Executive of the Year for Don Braid (his second time winning that recognition), this win again affirms our 100 Year Vision and the efforts of all our team.  Read more about last year's wins.