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Technology News

New look login page and more in Mainchain 4.20

Posted on 27 November 2016

Version 4.20 delivers increased personalisation, with customizable grids and new options to filter your information, making it quicker and easier to access the details you require. It also includes an important update to the Logistics Order entry screen.

See the information you want and how you want with Customisable grids

Easier access to the latest status with search result filters 

More data – View Sender and receiver...

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Mainchain Release | v4.19

Posted on 10 October 2016

This release delivers Dashboard updates and improved searching for domestic USA shipments.

International house bill and purchase order widgets go graphical

Partial reference searching for domestic shipments in the Americas

Updated logistic tracking information

International shipments now available in list or graphical view 

The settings option is used to set up your widget, including how it is displayed - as a list or in the new...

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What’s new in Mainchain 4.18?

Posted on 24 July 2016

In this latest update to Mainchain we’ve made a number of changes all designed to more efficiently allow you to select and display all the supply chain data you use to run your business.

Consignment Notes Widget – Add in the ability to view graphs

The My Consignments widget has been updated so that you can now view your transport information graphically.

Multilanguage - Add images for language translations


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New filters and viewing options in Mainchain | v4.17

Posted on 12 June 2016

This Mainchain release delivers more options to filter and view your information, making it quicker and easier to access the details you require, along with Logistics order entry updates. 

Australasian Transport report updates 

Improved Air and Ocean filters for dashboard widgets and searches 

Domestic USA widget goes graphical 

Logistics order entry improvements

Australasian Transport Tonnage Reports - Reports...

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Mainchain Release | v4.16

Posted on 4 April 2016

This Mainchain release delivers additional filters for widgets and searches

Column filters when using widget full view

Country filters for European logistics order widgets

Country filters for European logistics searches

Full widget view filters

Widgets can be displayed in either standard or full view by selecting the option at the bottom right.

The Full View option presents additional details and now enables you to filter your results...

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