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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Logistics 


The healthcare and pharmaceutical business is a complex one. With rare components, short lead times and the need for precise control, a reliable supply chain can literally mean the difference between life and death.

With the strict compliance and regulations imposed upon the industry, our team have been trained on full end to end processes in place to ensure superior control and ensure these levels are exceeded.


Quality Control in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Warehousing


Inventory accuracy

RF scanning technology captures inbound movement, stock control, replenishment and outbound movement by unit, case and pallet for complete transparency.

Picking accuracy

From an individual vial to drums and bulk pallet storage our logistics team is handling freight of all shapes, sizes, quantities and specialised needs.


Monitoring of temperature

Temperature monitoring devices are mapped throughout all temperature controlled areas and monitored and reported on wirelessly by our team at all times. 

Packing Consistency

For packing we use specialized containers and dry ice to ensure the temperature of the products remains constant during transport.



Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Guaranteeing product integrity is vital in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Temperature sensitive products demand highly specialised temperature control, sophisticated monitoring and experienced operations through the entire supply chain.

With various temperature controlled sections, a 434m2 mezzanine deck and rolled upright shelving (RUT) to provide more options for small and complex storage and pick and pack requirements, our Noble Park branch is set up to exceed the standard essential for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Looking for a superior logistics provider? For peace of mind when warehousing you healthcare and pharmaceutical products talk to our team today.


Temperature controlled sections
and 100m2 cool room set between 2-8C, 
two more freezers have been added,
one at -20C and one at -80C to ensure
the quality of customers temperature sensitive products are not compromised.

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