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Severe Weather in North America & United Kingdom | Update 04/02/2014

Posted on 4 February 2014
Severe Weather in North America & United Kingdom | Update 04/02/2014

Update | Severe weather 04/02/2014

As advised in our January Monthly Bulletin the severe winter weather in North America is causing some disruptions. Record low temperatures across the USA are likely to cause delays in rail or container collections and putting stress on operations.


The winter weather has now extended through the Southern parts of United States. A winter storm has brought snow and icy conditions from New orleans through Norfolk effecting terminal and inland operations. Some terminals are reopening while other remain closed. Road conditions are dangerous and we are expected to see delays throght this region.


Sub-freezing temperature continues to persist throughout the entire region. Many terminals have had to close for snow removal and terminal congestion is being experienced throughout.


Update | Severe weather 20/01/2014

As advised in our January Monthly Bulletin the severe winter weather in North America is causing some disruptions. Record low temperatures across the Mid-West of the USA are likely to cause delays in rail or container collections.

Problems related to the deep freeze, train derailments, port backlogs and what appears to be higher than usual general freight demand in January are testing transportation networks and shipping capacity.

The Chicago area has been hit with continuous extreme weather which has put stress on operations and led to businesses and schools being closed.

Severe Weather in North America & United Kingdom | January 2014

Please be advised that severe weather is causing disruptions across North America and the United Kingdom. While all regions are accustomed and equipped to deal with their intense winter weather, the continuous extreme weather has put stress on their operations which is likely to affect service in and out of these regions.

Severe Weather in Canada

Severe Weather in Canada

An ice storm has swept most of Canada with dangerous chills ranging from –30 C to –45 C, wind gusts reaching speeds as high as 135 km/h and a “very violent blizzard” about to hit. The relentless extreme weather conditions has caused flight delays and cancellations across most of the country and generally wreaking havoc on air, road and other forms of travel. Find out more here.

Severe Weather in North America

Severe weather in USA

Record low temperatures have crept across North America. At Chicago airport, a record-breaking 26 degrees below zero - or 42 below with wind chill. Colder than it was at the South Pole, where it was minus 23.

The bitter weather and ice have become so intense in the Mid-West and North East of USA that it has created treacherous driving conditions and flights are being cancelled out of most airports.


Severe weather in UK

Severe Weather in United Kingdom

Britain’s western coast is being lashed by strong winds and heavy rain with more than 100 flood warnings remain across England and Wales.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and please be assured that our teams right around the world remain focused on delivering the best possible service. We will be updating this page with information as it become available.