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Peak Season is Upon Us | August 2017

Posted on 29 August 2017

The peak season is certainly here and with it we are seeing carriers proposing general rate increases (GRI). It’s important to highlight that GRIs listed are only proposals at the time of listing and the quantum applied by the carriers is often lower than initially proposed. We are confident any increases we receive are well in line with what is available in the market and in many cases have proven to be lower.

What trade lanes are seeing GRIs?

These increases predominately effect Southern Asia and North-East Asia to Australia and New Zealand lanes, although rates on both air and ocean freight are expected to fluctuate as carriers attempt to control the market.

Do these GRIs affect LCL shipments?

Yes. As these GRIs effect FCL pricing, there is a flow on effect into the LCL pricing market from North/South East Asia. While we have seen proposed increases of up to USD 10.00 per m3/rt, Mainfreight is currently reviewing our position, with the view to (again) offer as low an increase as possible. Therefore any GRI on our LCL pricing will not take effect prior to 11th September and we will confirm once we have the quantum increase.

As always Mainfreight has a multi-pronged strategy to support your business through the peak season, particularly by working with our core carriers. Please ensure you are talking to your Mainfreight representative as far in advance as you can, with forecast volumes.

Pleased be assured that our teams around the world are focused on delivering the best possible service.

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