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Expanding our Asian Supply Chain Capabilities

Posted on 1 November 2011

Growth in Singapore & China

In Asia, Mainfreight continues to expand its regional influence, evidenced by the opening of more offices in Mainland China and a focused growth plan to expand our operations into other parts of the region, such as our recent opening in Singapore.

Fueled by the passion of our team, the development of local management, and guided by our core cultural principles, the Asian region represents significant opportunities and exciting challenges for our group.

Global Supply Chain Logistics

Combining our service profile with the global international and supply chain capabilities of the Mainfreight Group, provides our Asian operations with a very strong and reliable service offering for our customers. The strategic locations of our China Branches, in particular, provides effectively, an “all of China” solution for our clients...

Concentrating on offering a reliable international product in the major trading markets of the world, complemented by our own group global branch network, means consistency of product delivery. What you see from Mainfreight in Asia is reflected by what you see from Mainfreight Globally.

Importing Goods into Asia

Further, Mainfreight Asia is not simply a provider of export services from the region. Asia is fast becoming the worlds largest consumer market, so the ability to handle two way trade is critical in securing long term growth and viability in this region. We can support imports from around the world thru our global network.

Within Mainfreight we talk of the development of this region as being a Marathon, not a Sprint race... this goes hand in hand with our company’s “100 year” philosophy.

Please contact your local Mainfreight Asia office for further information or support.

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