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Air & Ocean service from Europe to Oceania

Posted on 16 February 2017
Air & Ocean service from Europe to Oceania

Do you find the Oceania market difficult to deal with due to the significant time, distance or expensive costs? The air & ocean service of Mainfreight is the solution.

Our combined air & ocean freight service is designed to speed up the transit time between Europe and Oceania without the significant price tag.

European companies dealing with the Oceania market have historically been in a predicament of shipping via sea freight which is very slow or air freight which is faster but significantly more expensive. With this service we have found that product can get to market at half the time of regular sea freight, and sometimes half the cost of air freight.

 Mode Air Freight LCL Ocean Freight Combined Air & Ocean
Transit Time (approx.)
Door to door
7 days 8 weeks 4 weeks


 Global network of Mainfreight

The basis and success of the air & ocean service lies within Mainfreights network. With Mainfreight offices across Europe, Hong Kong and all the major towns and cities across Australia and New Zealand, Mainfreight has the global supply chain network and capability to offer a door to door service under the one company.

The first leg of the air & ocean service is an air freight movement from any of our European hubs to our office in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the perfect intermediary for this service due to:

  • It is a direct flight from major European airports;
  • Simple border controls;
  • A mature logistics hub in Asia;
  • From Hong Kong we have direct links to all major parts of Australia and New Zealand.


From Hong Kong to Australia & New Zealand

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, our Mainfreight team will take care of the airport process and arrange for it to be loaded into an ocean freight service. Mainfreight loads its own consolidation containers from Hong Kong to Australia & New Zealand, so you can be sure that your freight will remain in the hands of someone who cares about your freight and your customers.

Would you like more information, please contact Jake Pascoe, via jake.pascoe@eu.mainfreight.com +31 (0)10 299 2814