Mainfreight Graduate Programme




Mainfreight has a strong and unique company culture which is clearly reflected in the team spirit of our people. In conjunction with Mainfreight’s financial and operational strengths, the attitude of our people unquestionably contributes to the continuing profitability of the Group. We operate a graduate program whereby recent graduates start in operational areas where they are exposed to all facets of the business before being given areas of responsibility.

Central to the success of the Mainfreight Group are our people. We live by our motto “Special People, Special Company”. We believe this is at the foundation of our difference and our competitive advantage.

In recognition of this, the Group is committed to investing in giving our team members the skills they need to meet both our customers’ expectations and to contribute to the ongoing development of our business. Specifically every new and existing team member now attends a week-long course at the Mainfreight Training Centre. This is a major commitment by Mainfreight which is unprecedented within the industry and reflects the forward thinking and innovation which is helping us create a 100 year company.

As the business moves into different markets it is more important than ever that we have people who not only understand the local market and customs, but also understand the Mainfreight culture and way of doing things.

Our culture of promoting from within continues to sustain a strong sense of family and grow a deep knowledge base. As the business grows we are always looking to identify the next generation of talent. We actively search for young people who demonstrate their commitment to performance and teamwork, with a view to them ultimately becoming part of the Mainfreight family.


Why Work For Mainfreight?


Here are some reasons why working for Mainfreight is a rewarding experience:

  • Promotion is always from within and on those rare occasions when a senior person leaves the company, we look upon it as an opportunity to promote a number of talented people from within.
  • We have an ever growing emphasis on teaching and training, with both internal and external programs in an endeavour to develop peoples’ full potential.
  • We have huge understanding from our whole team about the things we believe in, like clean trucks, care for the environment, world class service, constant improvement, weekly profits, the hundred year aim and a bit of rule breaking!
  • We are in a business which by its very nature requires us to react quickly to the needs of our customers. To be pro-active we have taken a long term view of where we are going and how we will get there. We have to do this by giving our team members an environment to grow and experiment, succeed and fail, but never to accept mediocrity.

Please send your CV's and a covering letter to: 

Mainfreight Graduate Programme

For more information and to get a taste of what it is like to become one of our team as a Graduate, see our Graduate Programme website